Praise (or something) for Master of None

Person-On-The-Street Reactions

“Oh, that’s…nice.” –random person in line at the post office

“Is it like Harry Potter?” –distant cousin

“I’ll watch the movie when it comes out.” –witty person at book signing

“The cover is really cool. Do I have to read it?” –Sonya’s son


Critical Reviews

Gail Pruzowski, Romantic Times Book Reviews:

“The first in an exciting new series, this book brings a refreshingly different twist to urban fantasy. The first-person narration is witty and smartly written, and Bateman puts her own spin on djinn magic. Plenty of action and memorable characters add up to an entertaining read that’s tough to put down.”

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11-year-old reviewer, Flamingnet Book Reviews:

“…This book was very well written. It was amazing. When I read the back of it, I didn’t think that I would like it. Once I read the first page, I knew I would like it a lot. It was a fantasy book and I’m not a big fan of fantasy but it was really good.

There were several bad words in the book.”

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Jackie Uhrmacher, Bitten By Books:

“In a genre filled with leather clad women ready to neutralize you by any means necessary stands a man: he is big, he is bad, he is a bonafide screwup. If Reservoir Dogs and Aladdin had a baby with Alice in Wonderland, it would look something like Master of None.

Sonya Bateman writes urban fantasy at its best.”

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Tia Nevitt, Debuts & Reviews:

“Regular readers know that I don’t usually read urban fantasies. However, this urban fantasy I couldn’t put down…

The reasons I enjoyed Master of None are obvious to me. It’s funny. It avoids the usual tropes of urban fantasy. And the narrator is not a kick-ass protagonist. I enjoy a funny kick-ass protagonist as well as anyone else, but a kind of clueless guy narrator was a nice change of pace…

It’s fun, touching and exciting, and I can’t wait to read the next book.”

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Derek Tatum, Mondo Vampire:

“Master of None? More like Master of FUN! And there you have your pull-quote, folks. But seriously — when I sit down with an urban fantasy book, this is what I want to read. It has an original concept, enjoyable characters, and a lightning pace that has little to no fat content.”

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